Formal Individualisation

Artist Mladen Miljanović contributed to the project research process with selected work Formal Individualisation.


By artist Mladen Miljanović

«Formal Individualisation» consists of eight interviews with people with more or less direct experience of dealing with the automobile Zastava 101. The interviews contain several questions about the familial, emotional, experiential, ideological or nostalgic connections of the interviewees with the above-mentioned make. The interviews will be played back from headrests removed from cars, and each of them possesses a kind of individuality which in a formal sense corresponds to the different interviewees. The sound of the interviews emitting from loud speakers installed in the headrests is almost inaudible and requires tactile contact with any particular headrest, and only then will the visitor be able to hear the sound, i.e. the text clearly. One of the interviews was conducted with Dejan Ristić, a blind man. This makes his experience of the automobile Zastava 101 extremely interesting and highly specific, as it is not perceptually burdened by the obsolete aesthetics and design of Zastava 101 compared to other automobiles.