Cities Log – Joint case study

This is a case study initiated by T.I.C.A. – Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art as an event-based research which is built up by a series of episodes of visual art and experimental architectural practices. It is carried out by STEALTH. unlimited (Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen).

In general it helps us see how the current transformations of Balkan cities follow a neo-liberal pattern, repeated in many post-socialist states, and with major effects on communal and public life. Traces of the past are disappearing fast, together with notions of “the public” and “the common”, often with devastating consequences. Along eight topics (clientalism, privatization, real estate, legislation and legalization, infrastructure, building identity, the role of architects, and the struggle for collective space) this Cities Log depicts a rough section through developments of cities in the We- stern Balkans during the last one-year (Summer 2008 – 2009). It displays spatially important events, decisions and discussions set in the context of fast capital investments, newly emerging power relations and the challenges brought forward by the transition into new engagements of citizen.

Initially this case study involved research on developments of Balkan cities like Belgrade, Kotor, Podgorica, Prishtina, Pula, Skopje, Zagreb and Tirana. After the project activity successfully finished in Tirana the decision was brought that the same long term research will be organized also in Novi Sad and Sarajevo.