About the “Dictionary of Urban Dilemma’s”

Dictionary of Urban Dilema

Dictionary of Urban Dilemma’s – public assembly
Wednesday, 22. December, 2010. in 19:00h
Youth Center CK13, Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad

Joined with spreading of the „Cement”, publication of the project “A(u)ction”

Dictionary of Urban Dilemma
Architects, activists, journalists and public persons of different interest for the city, will publicly assemble the “Dictionary of Urban Dilemma’s”. Through a five minutes long input, participants will define one, to them crucial, notion about Novi Sad’s present and future moment, creating a collage of sorts of professional opinions and personal attitudes about the city and the dilemmas of its possible development.

The “Dictionary of Urban Dilemma’s” is a part of the initiative „Ko gradi grad” (www.kogradigrad.org).