Video documentation – Walk to Vidikovac

As a sub-activity for Sarajevo Cities Log, architect Armina Pilav was invited to contribute to the Project. Result of that collaboration are two events. One is performative walk “Walk to Vidikovac” organised on May 13th 2012 where group of people walked from starting point, park across the road from Vijećnica to Vidikovac on mountain Trebević. This was an attempt to maintain memory of the Sarajevo Cable car route – subtitle for the activity was “As if the Trebević Cable Car has never stopped”. Walk had five stops (starting point – 1. cable car bottom station, 2. remaining cable car post, 3. bob sleight track ruins which are a graffiti gallery today, 4. Vidikovac on Trebević, final stop of the cable car route and Austro-Hungarian old fort which is functionally transformed in observatory and is in no use today) and was guided by Armina Pilav.