Imagination School

Photo by Dejan Vladić

Imagination School has been realised as a additional part of the exhibition Individual Utopias. This programe is developed as a creative workshop lead by the artist Lala Rascic that bring together individuals from different social and generational categories. Working with the artist stimulates imagination and their creative involvement in finding out more about the reality and also makes them familiar with conteporary art work methodology and ways of expresion. The goal of the workshop is to present the term „utopia“ trough the examples of the exhibition but also from the art history and incite creative interpretation and realisation of their ideas. The workshop was held in Mostar, Novi Sad and Tirana, in period between September 2009 and May 2010.


Mostar: View gallery

  • Sara Lerota – idea
  • Jasenka Hoffmann – idea
  • Ivana Crnjac – idea
  • Sead Bašić
  • Ivanka Kapić
  • Majo Kapić – idea 1, idea 2

Novi Sad: View gallery

  • Boris Radivojkov
  • Milivoj Kostić
  • Jelena Tipsin
  • Ana Lakatos
  • Avakum Kvas
  • Dragana Garić
  • Vana Colić
  • Kalman Jodal

Tirana: View gallery

  • Xhorxhi Xhani
  • Redon Bytyçi
  • Jerina Rina
  • Xhezair Abazi
  • Laureta Buli
  • Viola Buli
  • Xhulieta Shoshi
  • Anna Bytyçi