Narrative video workshop

The aim of the narrative video workshop is to provide initial environment for work and networking of young generation of artists and educators in the three involved countries (ALB, BH and SRB) and to gain valuable evaluation and reaction on the subject introduced by the project’s title INDIVIDUAL UTOPIAS NOW AND THEN from generation of young people.

Educational – learning by doing method aspect was implemented through technology and presentation of new equipment and methodology in digital video production and nonlinear video editing. The discussion of the content that was produced with that equipment is one of the main aspects of this activity, since we want to stimulate young people to articulate and formulate their position towards society through art expression.

Sarajevo, June 20 – 26, 2011

Memory revived

Zlatan Filipović & Vedran Rešidbegović


  1. Adela Jušić, BH
  2. Igor Bošnjak, BH
  3. Marija Blizanc, BH
  4. Naida Begović, BH
  5. Lana Čmajčanin, BH
  6. Gabor Ripli, SR
  7. Marko Bokan, SR
  8. Milan Jančirić, SR
  9. Ana Daci, AL
  10. Illir Kaso, AL
  11. Sembie Gishto, AL

Working framework – narrativne video workshop (brieff):
Narrative framework:
“Memory revived”

In order to personalize the contexts of the narrative topics a kind of SWOT analysis was applied as initially an individual and later a group activity. This was aimed at producing a platform of “what do we have in common?” terms and opinions that have been utilized for production of audio-visual responses in a form of short clips.

Outcomes of the workshop: group project, a collection of video clips; individual critical/re-mix = memory revived response to the framework of the Project -INDIVIDUAL UTOPIAS NOW AND THEN – Discontinuity of generation dialogue or what do we have in common?.

During the workshop
During the workshop – Making videos
– Lectures and Exercises – Sarajevo and around (19 – 25 June, 2011)

Presentation of final results
Presentation of final results – Duplex Gallery, Sarajevo (26th of June 2011)