Can you see the future

Thematic TV series – Can you see the future? Part 1&2

Thematic TV series “Can you see the future?” deals with idea of utopia and questions need for utopia in contemporary society. As, Rastko Močnik, Slovenian philosopher and sociologist, one of the interviewed persons, suggested “We have no more time for utopia today because our civilisation has no time to imagine ideally structured society and go towards it. We are on the edge of a catastrophe. Ecological, monetary or any other catastrophe but we need utopia as a space of freedom and free thinking.”

Interviews: Boris Buden, Rambo Amadeus, Rastko Močnik, Felix Stalder, Ljubomir Bratić and Vladimir Marko

For the programme audio quotations from the regional cult radio show “Peščanik” discussing on utopia or mentioning it in the various contexts are used as breaks between the edited interviews.

Author & editor: Asja Hafner,
Editing & design:  Renato Foder.
Camera: Timur Makarević
Also collaborated: Arnela Mujkanović and Igor Bararon.
Duration of each of two parts is 26 minutes.